Where are we now?

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I have not written in a while. Covid kicked in, in fact, though double jabbed, I have it at the moment, but my symptoms are different to everyone else I know who got it at the same time! I have a cold, my usual cold. So it is a bit like business, everyone’s business is different.

We got a Unit for the business.

Over the past three years, I have worked with my Godson, my nephew. We were meant to be, although the experience for some has been an experience for us too! We started doing websites to help people sell. We evolved into digital marketing, then we considered a complete end to end framework for sales to develop ourselves a recurring income, while we were doing digital marketing consultancy. That went really really well, but, there were only so many companies we could work with. So when we did a review with one consulting client, we actually took a look at what we are they were doing. We decided to focus on our own brands that have been bubbling under for a year or so, as a sideline.

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Covid lockdown was actually a great relief, some companies ceased trading, the “noise” level reduced, the mist cleared and we were able to focus on what we wanted, our vision of success, rather than just money. A clarity of vision and purpose that delivered for us and our families since we are different ends of life’s scale! Alan a youthful thirty-something with primary school kids and me, only thirteen years off seventy!

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We moved to a depot.

We have some amazing brands readying for launch, all relying on the same approach to market. All with the same goals and vision. One consulting client would not let us go, because of the transformation in his business, so we will enjoy the ride with him and his family, and when we prove what we are doing, we will help others do the same, showing them what we did to make this breakthrough and hopefully, saving them the difference between our ages in getting to this point. Think about it, I was 33 in 1997, my son was a year old, I was about to peak in my corporate career, now I am 57, what have I learnt, that could short circuit my Nephew to the point we want to get to in 2021?

God Father, Son andMuddy the dog.