“When they get your Why, they buy!”

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Only 23% of Irish businesses engage in eCommerce.

70% of the €4.4 BILLION spent online in Ireland goes abroad.

A beautiful day, some techie boy was going to tell people
  • how to run their businesses,
  • how to use Digital and
  • how to apply for an online trading voucher from the Local Enterprise Office, LEO.

I get all my business from people I know, so I don’t really need to do networking events!   I was very cynical, instead he did exactly what I believe,

  • focus on what you do best
  • understand what the technologies can do for you and
  • how to get the best out of your suppliers.
When people ask me about Digital Marketing, I always ask them
  • how do you sell, 
  • When it worked well for you, how did you do it?
  • Just do what you do, tell people what you have, how you solve their problems and what other people say about it!
  • Stories Sell, Facts tell.

How do people find you?

  1. Google is blind and deaf.
  2. Regularly update your content, news, products, reviews, stories.
  3. Links: How else is google going to get connected you?
Trends for page length on a website.
I hate US sites that got on and on and on, all on one page, but it seems, mobile phone users like this and don’t have too many clicks.
  • Ryanair have gone from 12 clicks to buy to four
  • But if you are googling for a specific item then you want to see the product “waterproof raincoats in ireland”
Would your clients speak highly of you?:
“Stories Sell, Facts Tell!”
  • testimonials
  • video
  • smiling faces, the result of experiencing your product or service.
In network marketing, a lot is made of your “Why”,
  • why would you open a business,
  • what would mean to you to succeed at it,
  • why is this important to you?

But WHY do people buy?  

I generally only work with people who “Get” me and this comes after a long time of building up relationships and credibility, I do not fair well in the “Give me your Pitch” scenario!
I only ever partly understood “People buy from People”, well yeah!
TEDx talk by Simon Sinek, people buy when you match their why, they buy when they get WHY you are selling,
  • they know what your product or service can do for them,
  • they know how to get it from you and how you sell,
  • but when they get your Why, they buy!
Slide by Noel Davidson

Click on the image to go to the actual Tedx Talk. Image by Noel Davidson.

THINK, ACT and COMMUNICATE from the inside out

Digital online trading voucher

Do you service your own car? You could, plugs, brakes, filters, oil, so why don’t you?
  • Because it is not the best use of your time!
  • What are you good at?
  • Do it then!
Find out more about Trading Online Vouchers from the Local Enterprise Office.   Or contact me, I have helped a number of businesses apply for their voucher. robert.moloney@sellingsolutions.ie or 0862525665 for a chat about getting more sales for your business.