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Well, I wrote a beautiful page, with links and all about what I am doing today and to have something to show after the appearance on the Business Eye on Dublin South FM radio, but I lost it.  So here is the 20s summary and I will come back tomorrow and change the website to reflect it!

knx-tech.ie Building control & automation, Designer Sockets Switches & Door entry systems: new build?

LaptopAngel.ie Hi spec Mac kit preconfigured with software for streaming or your tem designer. Video?

Websites, email, hosting, support from €50 a week! Or I will guide you through the LEO grant process. The beauty is, that I will handle it all!


  • wisdom, ideas on how to grow your business:  I ‘Facilitate” Selling Solutions, helping the Owner Manager get more out of themselves, helping them focus on what they do well without worrying about the other stuff.  Most people don’t service their own cars for example, so why build your own website and maintain it, when the LEO are offering funds to help?  I am about to launch a fifty euro a week offer to get a domain name, hosting, email, website and ongoing communication and support ….. an owner manager offer from an owner manager.
  • One example is a local guy (former classmate), Niall Walsh, KNX-TECH.ie who contacted me again recently, it appeared that his 8 year out of date website had gone a further four years out of date since we last spoke.  So we looked at where he was, what he wanted to do and the problems, so we replaced his website, reviews his social media, focussed the website on what he is doing now and wants to be sen as expert, it has become his sales catalogue, and we have applied for the LEO trading online voucher scheme to further enhance what he is doing and add a recurring revenue stream by selling designer Electrical Sockets, switches and door entry systems, that are pre programmed to work with KNX, the worldwide building control & automation standard.  We will also be adding an online training portal for the trade to get trained on the standard.  The next phase has seen me actually getting my sales suit on and hitting the road to being the offers out to Architects, Mech/Elec consultants, AV installers, interior designers, because what we have helps all of them better serve their community of clients.
  • an insight into what makes these people tick:  “Tick” or”Thick”?  Why would you bother being an owner Manager????  You thought being an employee was bad?  At least you got paid at the end of the month?  Robert Kiosaki has a great diagram that explains it, the cashflow quadrant: where he sows the Employee an Self employed are basically trading hours for money.  Where as business is not dependent on the presence of the Owner and Investors are another thing altogether!  I considered getting a job four year ago, apart from being told I was too old at 50, I remembered being angry, being told by a homeopathic doctor that I was angry (she charged me £100, Was indeed Angry), but my wonderful administrator form the last day job in 2003 tells me I was not always angry, when I wasn’t angry I was grumpy.  I continued being self unemployed.
  • good business stories in the paper:   I am hearing more and more from Owner Managers who actually want to hear the horror stories and tell them, because we all have them.  Then you hear about the people who inspired them, some times rudely, to get back to work!
  • updated on what events are coming up,  Amazing business community events in Kilmacud Crokes this month are the All Ireland Sevens.  This weekend, (I am )streaming the Beacon Hospital Hurling Sevens live and it is being carried by Off the Ball on Saturday.  There ill also be Camogie & lades’ football 7s then on September 1 the All Ireland Senior Football 7s, introducing another new sponsor to the community in the form of Londis. I am currently acting as Brand Liaison for the Football Committee and Londis to make it look right and get the best coverage for the brand in the community near and far.
  • focus on our local success stories. They say “all politics are local”, but so ie business, I just help the owner manager put a store on ever corner of the internet!
  •  entertained and inspired!  Niall Walsh of KNX-Tech.ie, felt it best to reflect this with my business cards, which arrived with the job title OMOM….. Old Man Of Marketing….. and if someone does not find that funny then they have failed the application test to work with us! Money isn’t everything.