I had a huge compliment by mail the other evening, while helping to arrange a football tournament:

  • “You are quite right – the future is here and it is digital.
  •  Robbie you are an inspiration through the positivity and confidence that you inspire in those who come in contact with you.  ……  Ah it’s true Robbie – you have an incredibly calm and sensible influence on those around you!
  • An incredibly warm and kind person who does awesome things!!”

 You can imagine, a person who you respect, tell you this, out of the blue and not looking for anything, I don’t even owe him money!



Online Psychometric Testing

Selling Solutions have proved themselves to be a much loved, highly valued asset to our company.  They have provided us with a turnkey solution to the social media outlet, firstly challenging, in a non confrontational way, our approach to the website (which we had been working on for over 2 years) and then linking this to the relevant outlets.

Secondly they have, and continue to support us on our media campaigns and have taken over all aspects of design, planning, and text, which they  implement on a monthly basis.  We are now at the early stages of digesting our feedback, amending target audience, media streams and web improvements, which Selling olutions is championing for us.

To date, we have seen immediate success, as we received 3 leads in the 1st month of going live, this is more than we had in the previous 6 months!

Thank you Robert, to you and your team.


James McGovern

McQuaig Ireland

Irish Search Partners

Irish Search Partners

Interim & Executive Recruitment

Robert assisted us in the creation of our website, but much more importantly, he helped us to understand how our business could benefit from having a simple and direct “digital presence”. He and his team did this through spending time understanding our business, and our approach to our Clients and Candidates. His flexibility, positive challenge and sense of humour really added value to our business. We would unreservedly recommend him as a partner. 

Peter O’Connell

Associate Director



Learning to Fly

Introductory Flight Lessons

I’d be delighted to help out and feel free to use Skyways as an example.

As you know we were very happy with the website design work, the functionality of the site and the overall customer service was great.




Andrea Baines  Holistic Network Ireland, HNI:


Enlighten your mind, body & soul!


“very easy to work with, efficient and seems to know his subject very well, quick to respond, has continued to be very supportive, even after the project was completed.”
“natural ability to immediately make you feel at ease in his presence, genuinely listens to your problems and offers down to earth solutions in “layman’s terms.
Integrity and positivity shines through his work.
Someone who knows their field.”


  • “Safe pair of Hands”- no harm would come to the client, he would work it out, find out how to sort it out, or just call me!
  • Decent, Honest, Trustworthy: and there are not many you could say that of!
  • Willing to say “No” and give you a reason why. Not an idiot when it comes to talking to people!
  • He can write: emails, documents, letters, without dictating to the client
  • Selling without the “hard sell”
  • Great bedside manner. The Client is in an environment that is alien to them…been let down before, and need their hand held until they build up trust in us. It is how you deal with them that is important and Robert has this. “The show Must Go On!”
  • I’ve known him a long time and would trust him implicitly to deliver what he says he will.
  • Many talents particularly client skills, sometimes in a busy chaotic environment just knowing there’s someone that will watch your back is all that’s needed.
  • Reliability, positive attitude, great personality, a willingness to get things done, a broad knowledge base. (I could go on)!”
  • “Enthusiasm. It permeates everything you do!”   “great sense of humour and a very good listener.”- Dave Moore, ServiceDesk Manager, Cara
  • “Good writing skills
  • Good analytical skills logical problem solving
  • Great front man well presented good presence….
  • Good focus when in the mood”
  • “honest, business savvy, good sales pro”
  • “Sense of energy thus ability to drive things forward”
  • “Entrepreneur with ability to identify opportunities”
  • “directness, you get what you see, no bullshit.”
  • “Loyalty / Passion / Vision / Intelligence / Verbal Communication.”
  • “sociability….uncanny knack of connecting instantly with people on a personal and personable level.
  • Energy and enthusiasm….appear to be oozing the stuff,
  • A team player and need the support of those around you, the world needs ideas people, innovators and creative types.
  • Need to be a team role with lots of opportunity to be creative and innovative in you thinking….the imaginative engine in a team…enthusiasm could also provide momentum.”
  • “enthusiasm”
  • “interpersonal and business skills
  • Managing a business network or business support organisation”
  • “Probably suits training people (One to one coaching)”
  • “Business Evangelist of some kind – for a product or service – maybe a high level Microsoft, Oracle type guy that would paint pictures & pave way for technical colleagues to come in and fill in the gaps and smaller details after a deal has been done.”
  • “If you ever fancied getting back on the I.T. Sales treadmill Rob I reckon you could do it in your sleep.”

Zach Sagurs, Decisions IT:


  • “flexible, and a wealth of knowledge regarding competitors and business in Ireland.
  • ….in a timely fashion, and worked within our budget.
  • …….has the gift of the gab, and knows the Irish Business community extremely well.”

Willie Van V, LaptopAngel.com

“Safe pair of Hands”-
Selling without the “hard sell”
great bedside manner.

Dave Moore, Australia

“Enthusiasm. It permeates everything you do!”


International Truck Exporter:

  • “appreciation and understanding of marketing in its entirety.
  • Makes projects productive from a practical point of view, that is selling and penetrating a market.
  • Took the burden of international marketing from the people that understand the daily operations … with the common objective achieved.
  • Listens objectively”
  • “immediately connected with what we wanted to do.


Ex Rugby player

Tom Clancy Music

“knows how to sell and make the most of peoples strengths!”
Honest genuine capable feet on the ground person!”