What are you up to?

With a sales, business and engineering background, I tell people I am in Digital Marketing.

But what I do is free the Owner Manager to do what he does best, help him/her to get more sales.

McQuaig in Ireland

Psychometric Testing

Recently, I helped a company  recovering from a stalled web design,

  • getting online with a website that we could easily work: http://mcquaig.ie/ 
  • constructing the social media presence and then 
  • linking that into the outbound element of the process, email marketing, 
  • using the “blog” to 
  • both build content on the site (and engender “know, like, trust” in your readers and prospects) and 
  • develop search engine optimisation (SEO).

And now we are going to duplicate that process for the other businesses.

In summary, getting you onto the internet, keeping you relevant and driving people to the website to get them to do something we want them to do, but never forcing them to buy, because that is not the role of Social Selling.

Last weekend, I was handling the moderation of a twitter feed at a live event

#CCMAlive @CCMA_Ireland

  • #ccmalive which trended in Dublin and Ireland
  • and handling their twitter account @ccma_ireland on the night.
  • It was manic, with over 600 Tweets displayed on the feed over the night
  • interaction with the participants and those watching on the live stream (in numbers that rivalled the websummit!).
  • I did a private report on the event and in particular what happened with Twitter,
  • who were their most relevant “Influencers” (surprised to see I was in the top twenty! I hadn’t thought of myself like that before!) and seeing
  • who they were connected to and understand how far the message of the event went and the engagement with it.  I was impressed!


The week of the websummit, I handled the live streaming of an event myself for the good people @eqaudioand events:

I also handled the PR and Marketing for the All Ireland football 7s for Kilmacud Crokes.

  • I was only give the brief, one month before the event and it took me seven days a week ad most of the hours in the day and it is there that I got the concept of
  • Your Content

    #FBD7s @Kilmacud7s

    #FBD7s @Kilmacud7s

  • Your Contacts and
  • Our Consistent approach
  • The social side left a lot to be desired because it started so late, but the project was a HUGE success for the sponsors FBD.
  • The Twitter account was key in getting the clubs in to compete, we had 30, I am not claiming that as all my work by the way, a great team effort, enhanced by twitter and Facebook.
  • I did a full report of the on and offline media coverage, social media engagement and lessons to be learnt for next year!

I am currently engaged in a “Social Selling” consultancy,with a successful company in Event Production.

I am to help the company frame a “New Customer” engagement model and create a digital marketing strategy for them. It started with the conversation:

If I knew where I was, I wouldn't be lost!

If I knew where I was, I wouldn’t be lost!

  • Where are you trying to get to?
  • Where are you now?
  • What is stopping you.
  • So far, I know where they are, I know where they are going, and I can see some of the obstacles, which I have to turn into stepping stones.

Next step is to see how we could use LinkedIn to identify and target the key influencers in their environment, nationally and internationally and then apply the strategy to get in touch.

A recruitment company came to me because their old website had to be put back in place, but was outdated and irrelevant.

Irish Search Partners Recruitment

Irish Search Partners Recruitment

  • I wanted them to go with a whole rebrand and logo design, but unfortunately, the loss of a franchise has effected their earnings in the short term so I
  • put a simple website in place for them http://www.irishsearchpartners.com/ and
  • showed them how to blog
  • trained them on Mailchimp to link back to the blog
  • they said to a mutual friend, that they could not do what they do without me.

Funnily enough, that is precisely what an international truck dealer based in Switzerland, said about me too.

International Business

International Business

  • He knew where every truck bought in the construction boom was located. He bought some, renovated them and sold them around the world. But it was getting in touch with those buyers that eluded him.
  • He was spending €6,000 on a website, I secured one for him from a UK trade magazine for £500! And it listed all his stock. We then mapped this to a blog site to help ratings and into social media.
  • We got trade mags and identified possible buyers. I searched LinkedIN for contacts and we got directed to a website used by major buyers in the far east. We were then in a position to mail shot suspects and get them on the phone to him where he worked his magic!
  • But then, when he got the trucks, started to renovate them, engaged with the buyers, I showed him how to take photos and videos, send them to me so I could post them on the websites and create videos so the overseas buyers to show to their clients and hear the trucks!
  • Then I would handle the paperwork for shipping and all from the comfort of my office!
  • I have taken down his internet presence as he has moved on due to the lack of stock here.

And it is this day to day routine that stops so many Owner/Managers from delivering sales!

Another regular customer is a Plumber,

Heating & Plumbing

Heating & Plumbing

  • I did a simple website for him: http://gas-smart.eu/
  • he calls me and I do his quotes, invoicing and online paperwork.
  • I use an online book keeping system from SDKaccounts as attached.
  • He is just about in a position for me to handle the day to day running of the social media infrastructure I made for him.
  • A nice website I delivered with the graphic designer was for Skyways aviation:
  • http://skyways.ie/

Unfortunately, they are not flying at present, just as I was to take over their social media!

With the same graphic designer,

  • we redesigned the whole look and feel of his brand and the website is currently in production.

    New Logo Brand, Website

    New Logo Brand, Website

  • I am training him in the use of social media, particularly LinkedIn and looking at what he should be doing where, so that five star hotels and restaurants find him when they look for certain brands and solutions in Ireland.
  • I am doing words for the blogs and will be delivering the social media form January.

So, in summary

  • I help people get more sales
  • I deliver digital marketing anchored in a traditional sales approach
  • I deliver an internet presence and I keep it alive or train them to!
  • I deliver Twitter, Twitter moderation and live streaming of events

I free the Owner Manager to do what they do, because I do what I do!
If you have the

  • Content
  • Contacts
  • Consistency

I am the “Glue” that brings it altogether!

Terms and conditions:

  • I work with the people that get me, I have informed, nice, conversations with the rest!
  • I don’t have competition, I work with many, many people who are experts in what they do, so we all help the client make money and we do too!
  • I get paid or I do not work, simple, no rows, if you don’t want me, don’t pay me!
  • I don’t do confrontation (and can no longer get on a football pitch to get into a row!).
  • What value can I bring to you? What is that worth to you? How much could you make, having me do what I do? Then that is what you pay me!

God, I hope that does not seem so arrogant as it looks from here!

Best bet, let us meet and have a coffee, if you are not saying, after an hour, “stop talking, I want to pay you for this”, then I am not the man you are looking for. And yes, I talk too much too! But when I listen, I listen intently!

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