Well, I wasn’t expecting that! Or what happens when you ask for change!

Robert Kioysaki quote on wealth

Change is as good as a rest

Thank you for those who have recently subscribed. Just thought I would further update you on progress, the “Journey” as reality tv likes to call it! I have mentioned before, “be careful what you wish for!” as my Mother always said. Change is good. I hope! You want to change your life?

Well, Feb.2 I said never going to have a grumpy January again, so started the process of mindset change, bought an online course, Mind Story, Dave O’Conor and Carla Rieger.  Lovely people, real, warts and all.  He was born in Ireland and went through the classic, “I am a shit salesman” period, before changing everything and living between Canada and Hawaii!  Good man.  Well, February 20, all changed, just like I planned it…. not!

So I had 6 weeks paid to make the changes “change your life” and I did so with great confidence, still she outstanding matters form the previous life to sort, jumped in whole heartedly into a couple of projects, didn’t restart the Our UniTeam business like I was supposed to and then bang, June, I ran out of cash.  Now, I will sort that out this month, but it leaves me a month behind in terms of cashflow!  And it hurts, mentally and physically!

My anchor project is going well, but I cannot get it to the commission phase in the very short term, but the future is promising.  Like any player, I need a coach.  But they, unsurprisingly, want to be paid!  And if they are not, then it is not really worth it, you get what you pay for and you have to pay for what you get.

So this week, I have to talk to a few key friends/clients and fill the end of month hole and then make sure it never happens again!

When I have all the clients on the go and the webshop business kicked off again (and it is already exciting, because having been labour intensive and needing one on one meetings and weekly presentations and trainings, my Mentor Art Napolitano, has just launched the new website, which has the whole process and trainings online, in a focussed, “this is your next step ” way! Now, if you see something you like, please mention my name, we are honourable like that, but then again, if you are not…..

Here is an article I did today having listened to a guy speak about the normalities of self employment and business ownership.  Who do you know in Central & Southern America? Let me know please.

I am doing this to show you the realities of life, I am good, I am liked, people tell me I am good, I have a great life, I just don’t have enough money, but I know HOW I want to earn it and with whom!  It could be you!  But I am NOT open to approaches about opportunities.  I am open to talk to people who was to do something I am involved in, build a huge house and use the KNX standard to make it smart or the OURUNITEAM mentioned above.

A bientôt, as our European colleagues say!

Change your life?  Let’s do it together, I can’t do this alone!