Now, the next chapter

In February, I decided that I was not having another “Grumpy” January.  I was asked “what about the other 11?”, but ignoring that, something had to be done and it happened.  I am now back working for myself.  I suppose you could call it:

Facilitating the Owner Manager to Sell!

Exciting times for me.  The anchor client to it all is my old (he says he is younger) schoolfriend Niall Walsh, OMOM CEO

CEO Niall Walsh, OMOM Robert Moloney

Owner of KNX TECH.  He is one of the few experts in the KNX worldwide Building control & Automation standard.  We also carry the exclusive Gira range of Designer electrical sockets, switches and door entry systems.

Get online for €200 a month

Get online for €50!

What astounded me about being back was that so many Irish businesses are not online!  We all have smart phones and even tellies now, you have to be there.  I guide Owner Managers through the process of getting the excellent grant from their Local Enterprise Office, but with cashflow always a challenge, I can get you online, with email, a website and ongoing support for as little as €50 a week!

Mac Renta Hire Streaming

The LapTOP Angel

Although I am gone from Weebox, I retain a shareholding and promote their incredible event design capabilities, but when I do live streaming, I rent the equipment from another company close to my heart, Laptop Angel.  Hi Spec, Hi end, rent Apple equipment pre configured with video editing software and whatever else your temp creatives might want.

I am never far from Sport or music, so when I was asked for powerpoint presentations to help attract a new sponsor for the All Ireland Football Sevens at Kilmacud Crokes, I was happy to help, but I was immensely flattered to be asked to help guide Londis through this critical month in advance of the 7s, to help them get the most out of their sponsorship and show the club and tournament in the best light.

Brand Liaison Robert Moloney with Londis and the Football Committee

The Londis & Kilmacud Crokes 7

Beacon7s streamed by

Streaming the Hurling 7s with

Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland Senior Football 7s

Brand Liaison Officer