Website, email, hosting, support, from €247 a month!

Website Offer get a website from €247 euro with Selling Solutions


Website, Email, Domain Name, Hosting, Support!

What is your business? 

What value do you bring to your clients?

Do you service your own car? If you do, you are unusual, so why are you looking after your own email, buying domain names, do you even know what hosting is?

Why build your own website?

The beauty is, I can handle all that for you and from €247 ex VAT a month.

“The beauty is, I handle it all!”

Focus, Focus, Focus. What is yours?

I recently took on the services of a Sales Manager. What? I hear you say, Selling Solutions, needs a Sales Manager? Yes I do. Because that is the focus of my business, helping other people get more business, so this service is to allow you focus, on your clients.

Your Single Point of Contact, ME!

The theme is how the website looks, sitting on wordpress, sitting on your hosting (which should also have your email accounts for that domain name), which is where the domain name (website name) points.  I look after it al.

So the offer, and you may have some of these in place already:

  • First we have a chat about it, where you are, where you are trying to get to and what you see as stopping you.
  • You decide what domain name(s) you want, I buy it.  Or, send me whatever emails you got about the domain, including username and password.
  • I get your website hosted, or send me what you have on that and assume it is all ok.
  • I setup your email addresses and show you how to access them on the web or through your existing devices or email accounts.
  • I suggest themes that seem to fit what you are looking for, or you send me what you have seen or purchased.  We decide on a theme.

…and this is where I come in as an experienced businessman, salesman and user of websites!  I bring you 35 years of education and selling, success and failure. I believe that you have to meet the people, that people buy from people, so online should be an extension of that to allow people to get to know, like and trust you)

I help you write better pages and posts that will help with “SEO” so that Google can see you know what you are talking about and others also agree!  If you want a fully fledged ecommerce website, then we need to talk, but if you are happy to work with me and put up your stock and prices, then I can just select a plugin and you fill it in.

So this should mean that you are now online, ready to write more pages and news posts as you want them.

“how do I…..?”…….”email doesn’t work”, “I am getting spam”……. “Is this spam”….. Support. Maintenance: I am the first level response, I know a little about a lot, but may need experts or the hosting company to fix something, so I know how to do it, even if I am not the one to solve the problem.  I document as I go along.  The cost is €247 a month by standing order in advance. 

In summary, I get you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go and I am not limited to the technical elements of web development.  I support you practically.

Contact me please.

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