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or videos of me indulging myself!

I am about to launch a framework for sales, this is one of the free tools I will be using!
66,698 views of an imge on Google, how did that happen? Check out this video
View from the Bridge, me on what I heard this morning! Stuff to make you successful!
I am incredibly grateful to Kapil Khanna, AIBF Founder, Elaine Carroll, CEO AIBF and Kieran Ring the auditor of the awards for accrediting me as a Thought Leader in the world of Digital Sales. Here is my end of the awards ceremony! Shorts and all!
Lessons from Keith Barry
Award winning Fund Raising campaign, my contribution
Exiting overwhelm, interesting idea!
March 6 2020, my last outing before covid, here I am talking about it.
MAN Money Authority Need, what the salesman has to find
me at play, editing for my borther’s band…. coming soon
Me interviewing Rober Barry about Certain Uncertainity, I think!