“Sorry about that Chief!”

robert moloney with a sketchy look in his eye

2FA, does my head in, especially when the app was on an old iPhone and I could not find the charger!

It has been a busy couple of years, Waterdelivered.ie is only servicing a particular niche and Glassbottlebin.ie has successfully attracted a suitor or two so will move on to allow Gizmo Media to develop into a high-earning, high-profile phase, coming soon!!!

If you have had an email from me, you may have come here to have a look and frankly, I would have been disappointed! So here is a quick summary of who I am and what I am doing for both my own brands and for a handful of friends and their brands:

“Sales with a digital flourish!”. I work with Owner Manager businesses to remove obstacles that stop them from being their greatest sales resource. This includes office admin, sales consultancy, identifying the niche and ideal client and building the sales process tools such as email, website, social media, sales scripts, and documents, to allow prospects self filter so that the ideal client brings themselves to meet my client.”

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Also, I am older now with less hair!