Robert Moloney, OMOM at Selling Solutions, Co-Founder at

OMOM? Old Man Of Marketing!, what does that mean?  There is a simple, great story behind that and the link between Alan and me! Happy to tell you over a beer, or a coffee if we are being sensible.


/ˈkandə/ noun
the quality of being open and honest; frankness.   “a man of refreshing candour”

Analogue Selling but with Digital prowess, the Digital agility to deliver sales the traditional way!

My voicemail? That is who I am, if I am not a fit with you, here is Alan’s number!

What we do is straightforward, it is black and white.

It is not rocket science, well it is in a way, you have to put all the pieces together and blast off,

But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do what we want you to do.

We have distilled it all in modules, pick what you are looking for now, what is MOST important to you TODAY? 

Then comeback when you want the rest!

Distilled, is it Friday already.  I told Siri to remind me to go to the gym, she knows me, she said: “I have added Gin to the shopping list”!

Selling Solutions? Old Man of Marketing?

I left the big bad corporate world in 2003, Selling solutions has been the billing vehicle since then.  I have done contract sales, network marketing, had a recruitment business, bought an IT company, liquidated and IT company, ran a Creative Technical Event company for a couple of years, Assistant Director on Film Shoots, Technical Production Manager for other events.  Throw in my passion for Gaelic games and experience with Kilmacud Crokes since 1981 and I brought a unique set of skills to help reinvigorate the All Ireland Senior Club football 7 a side tournament. Sadly I didn’t get to kick a ball on the field, but my son did!  

For most of the last 11 years, I have talked about how to sell more using what has always worked for you, but in the modern environment.  So it does not matter about algorithms, penguins, Pandas or any other zoo animals, they are all designed to weed out those trying to pull the wool over their eyes and identify the true experts, the best search results for their searchers’ queries! It was like that in 1988 when I started selling and it is like that in Covid 19.

What I do is get things to the starting gates, I turn ideas into reality and then I can produce them as well.

I have always specialised in making myself redundant by showing others how to do it.  Now we are running courses to show business owners how to get the outcomes they want by doing it themselves, or at least learning the roles so they know the questions to ask, of whom, to get their outcome!


But you got me, I am an imposter.  I was much consoled to hear about Imposter Syndrome, I thought I was the only one that felt that way!  Passing 50 was a relief in many ways, I began to believe in what people had been saying over the years. Passing 55 was like a confirmation, “you do know your shit”. Now, I know I do, but I am always open to ideas, training, opinion, people, process and technology!


My expertise is sales with a digital flourish.  That does not mean I am the best salesman.  I am not.  It does not mean that I am the best digital marketer, I am not.  I may not even be unique in linking the two.  But I am unique in the way I explain it to a Company Owner Manager so that he could do it himself, or at least understand how to win at the daily Bullshit Bingo.  And he is my reader, the SME Owner Manager.