Monthly Social Media Offer

Monthly Social Media Offering

Your Objectives:

It is important!

It is important!

  1. Develop another source of leads for the business through Social Media, by….
  2. Moving the organic search rating to the top half of the first page.
  3. Knowledge transfer/Training


SEO/ Social will take four months to make a difference. Search Engine Optimisation, is not restricted to the website, but that is one component.  It is everything that contributes to Google recognising your site as the answer to the question posed by someone using Google.

  • Website alterations,
  • Facebook marketing plan
  • Use of Twitter
  • Google Plus, Youtube, Google Places and Analytics to plan, track and refocus
  • LinkedIN
  • Blog/News/Topical Conversations: Database email PR/marketing plan.
  • Develop a plan and a budget to work the paid search campaign.  Tested and evaluated.


Marketing Spend

Marketing Spend

  • Research, recommendation, discussion, agreement.
  • Implementation
  • Monthly Support and maintenance


Phase 1: Research, meet, advise, scope, plan.

Phase 2: Implement Social:

  • LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Google +.

Phase 3: Mail chimp implementation:

  • Import existing lists, segment, develop mail shot template.

Phase 4: Deliver Monthly Social plan:

  • Developing the monthly mailing campaign, updating social media,


Costs: From €250 ex VAT/month for an initial term of four months. Although now I am handing over my contacts, or rather, teaching you how to choose your suppliers form the thousands available online!

Payment terms: paid in advance by standing order following meeting.

The Customer is King

The Customer is King