Marketing Service Design?

Marketing Service Design:

“…machines still call for human expertise to be guided and tuned to work well. The end result won’t be to take humans out of the equation, but to make the process more efficient and ensure individuals can focus on higher value work – roles that will be more about marketing service design rather than preparing campaigns and collateral.” From “Top 100 Agencies 2015”.

Selling Solutions

People, Process Technology

My prospects have been coming to this conclusion. I work with a lot of experts in areas like branding, coding, development. I can do a bit of everything, but clients want me to focus on their Marketing Service.

I want to create the process to free me for this higher value work, being with the customer, converting their wants into the marketing service. I am told, what I do really well is listen (I know those who know me well will be surprised to hear that), I listen and convert that to words for websites, brochures, but my words are to help you sell, to get more business, more margin.

I need to time to think and that has to be paid for, but when the client wants to ay for an outcome, like a website, I have to ask the questions:

  1. Where are you trying to get to?
  2. Where are you now?
  3. What is stopping you?

Then I come up with the elements of

  • people,
  • process and
  • technology

to develop a solution, but the implementation takes so much time. And the project management and account management elements take a lot of time, time which is hard to charge for in the context of doing a website or the application for an online trading voucher for a local enterprise office.

So I need my own process better defined so I can improve the specification for what you want to deliver! Because I have to eat too and every situation is different,

  • every client ultimately wants more business,
  • every client is their own best salesman,
  • every client is the best person to write posts for their own social media

But they have not got the time.  I have a handful of clients who have realised this and are moving towards seeing

  • me as a value being around the table with them,
  • as a value to help them get more business,
  • as a value to deliver a marketing service

just like the outsourced accountancy service, or cleaning service, or car leasing, what else do you not need to be the expert in and let other people deliver for you?

Now, “Show me the Money” and let me get on with it.