What are you not being told?

you need stuff sold, yo need leads, i do that

Rob Money?

How do you get more sales? How do you get leads? How do you get found online? By the right people? The right prospects? What’s in it for me you say?

But enough about me, here is the update.

In the words of a comedian, “It started when I was a child!”

I became a professional Engineer, Telecoms, computers and electronics.  I worked at that for a year and became an accidental Salesman.  That was hard.  Eventually I realised, I was not an engineer, but a salesman, but always, always, I was a problem solver.

And here we are in 2020.  And it is clear to me, that I am still an engineer, a problem solver, a deep generalist and people say, that they get a value form having me around the table.

So, in the background, www.socialfitz.ie and www.seooriginator.com are being developed and will escape to the market when they are properly ready, so they free me to go back to what I like best: meeting people and solving problems.  And that is actually worth a few bob.

When I had the recruitment business, I solved problems, I helped people, I connected people.  I couldn’t use that slogan, because that was taken by Nokia!

I know where the bodies are hidden.  I know where the Digital Marketers get their staff, I know where the best people are here and abroad.  I can help.

Somebody needs to….

You know the way we all have great ideas, but getting them in place, well, it just never happens?  I get things done, I get you to the starting blocks.  I can listen to what you are saying and not saying.  I can document your ideas, I can research and advise on the options, I can get it started, I can help you get it done.

The Old Man of Marketing

This applies to any aspect of business, but since I have accidentally been selling since 1988, sometimes even successfully! I know a thing or two about it, at every level.

Today more than ever,

  • do you know your sales process?
  • do you know where a prospect is hiding?
  • what you should say to them
  • how your digital presence should be configured to talk to them to “reach out” (assuming you are one of the four tops)?
  • Who is the ideal customer?
  • How does email work?
  • How do I attract our ideal customer only?
  • What is lead nurturing?
  • Is Graphic Design dead?
  • Who needs branding?
  • How come PR still seems to work?
  • How much does that cost?


A former schoolmate, he is still a friend, he named me “The Old Man of Marketing” and I think it is a brilliant title and it makes people laugh!

Rob Money? I have been reluctant to tell this story, because, let’s face it “Rob Money” sounds like a command! But Kelly from Upstart.ie radio show  It actually came to being in 2003 in Den Haag.  A dutch lad took my conference badge and scratched off the letters of my name:



I still have it somewhere, I will post it soon.


I prefer tea, but feel free to buy me an Americano and we can have a chat, that will cost you less than €6.  By now you think I am a fool, a comedian, or actually someone that knows something about a lot of things and certainly knows where to find the answers and if you cross my palm with silver, lots of silver, no more than that, I will do it for you too!

Talk to me

The social media icons will take you to  my activity, LinkedIn is specifically about my career, Twitter I only use for events, complaining and to stalk you! Selling Solutions page on Facebook is interesting, well I think so.

What’s in it for me?

At the end of the day, you have to get more sales.

You have a great offer, you are great. How do you do that? Sales needs leads, where do you get them from.