Good Service? Fast Service? Cheap Service? Pick Two!

You choose

You can have any two

The old adage is SO true: You get what you pay for!

And when I saw a old friend, Garry Connolly, had posted this n LinkedIn, I had to have my say.

We have all done tenders, and we know the usual advice is to get rid of the dearest and the cheapest.  So why do we, do you, quote cheap instead of value?

I met a guy recently, who charges a HUGE margin, but he gives great perceived value!  So it is worth the fee he charges because of the results he gets.

So what do you want?

If you want a good service, you might get it cheap, if you are prepared to wait.

If you want the best service, cheap, now, go somewhere else, where you think you are getting what you want!

Here is a link to a Blog about what I am doing for people at the moment, the services I am providing.