Draw a line, get over it and leave the baggage behind!

I am writing at the moment about the journey back to success and want to share the experience as I go along so I can help others do the same thing.Selling Solutions

In November I signed an agreement with a company, who shall, for the moment, remain nameless. A retainer plus commission arrangement, so I started to run down other work that was not making me money and ramping up the sales effort in the two short months where businesses would be distracted by the season.

The agreement reflected this ramp up period with a reduced retainer.  December was terrible, not enough money which impacted all areas of life.  So in January, I got to work and within week or so I had 50 “Deals” on the go, a nice Pipeline.  Then I started getting feedback form the client, via the team I was working with, that the client was not going to pay the retainer for January, February, March and April. “Would they be more incentivised if it was commission only, a higher rate of commission?” What a joke!

Anyway, that was that, the invoices were in and so far a mere €500 has been paid and I pulled out informing my top 50 that I was no longer involved.

Hence I wrote the posts:

By Coincidence

By Coincidence

I spent most of February clearing the decks and getting rid of inhibitors, inhibitions and those inhibiting me.  In addition to the disaster with the retainer business, there was an issue with a services supplier associated with that project and I reached the end of my tether with someone who owed me money too!

It was such a release to literally draw a line under February in the diary, paid the bills, the mortgage and relished in the support and advice of friends, peers and former colleagues.I have not completely ruled out the day job option, but being of an age, I am less attractive and of course less tolerant of bullshit!

So now I am ready to deliver my new business vision and I need help with it too! I will need projects, interim roles and support by buying some of my wares and referring me to others!

I drew the line, I got over it, I have moved on, I want to work with people who “get” me, believe in me and have the money to work with me!

What I do:

  1. I am developing online “Courses” to get the stuff in my head out about Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Recruitment, Network Marketing and the like!
  2. Relaunching the Weight management, Haircare, Personal Care, Skincare products and the business opportunity with you own eCommerce webshop.
  3. Continuing to deliver Selling Solutions, including Interim Management, Sales, Sales Admin, Back Office support, outsourced Marketing, Digital Marketing and Event Live streaming on the Internet.

At the moment, I am looking for people or companies that need short term or ongoing work in these latter areas, or who may be interested in the products or the business behind them, please Contact Me if you know of any opportunities.


Thank you.