Digital Marketing & Real Sales

I had a huge compliment by mail the other evening, while helping to arrange a football tournament:

  • “You are quite right – the future is here and it is digital.

    Digital Marketing this way!

    Click here to GO DIGITAL!

  •  Robbie you are an inspiration through the positivity and confidence that you inspire in those who come in contact with you.  ……  Ah it’s true Robbie – you have an incredibly calm and sensible influence on those around you!
  • An incredibly warm and kind person who does awesome things!!”

 You can imagine, a person who you respect, tell you this, out of the blue and not looking for anything, I don’t even owe him money!

I do so many things and I pitch Digital Marketing as what I do, but only the people that meet me, experience me, get to know me, understand that Digital is the vehicle, but they say “I get so much from having you around the table” and the bottom line is


I have been in “Sales” since 1988, but “Selling” since I was in my early teens, but I have never seen myself as a “Salesman”.  I have always “facilitated” people to buy.  However, there is a huge need for the real “Salesman”.  The benefit to the client is they make a decision, yes/ no, pick one.  The benefit to the seller is not wasting time on people who can’t, won’t or don’t make decisions.

Recently, I have seen an example of a prospect losing three quarters of a million euro and three months later, still not getting into action and now their situation has got worse.  They gave out about a quote for two thousand “we can get that for €1200”, no you can’t, you get get a deliverable for that, a website, a logo, some nice colours, maybe some SEO, but you do not get someone who is focussed on you creating sales from what YOU do best.

  • Who knows your business best? Only YOU.
  • What should you be doing in your business to generate sales?
  • Who is the best salesperson in your company?
  • Do you use a car for work?
  • Can you change a tyre?
  • Do you service your car?
  • Why Not?
  • So why do you feel you should spend money on training to become a digital marketing company when you can give it
    Feel the pressure

    Social Media, bringing your shop front to the internet

    to me!

  • How much would it cost you to develop in house expertise?
  • What happens when that person is unavailable?
  • Will they be fired if the digital does not work?
  • Assuming they are already working for you, are you saying that they have 10 to 12 hours to spare to try and deliver a Digital Marketing Strategy?
  • Who were they working for?
  • What were they supposed to be doing?
  • What experience do they have in Digital Marketing?
  • Are they selling already?

This website reflects the state of my mind, it goes in a million directions, like bus routes, they are all heading to the terminus of sales and business, but take many different and intricate routes, but someone has said “Digital” to you, so let me make it easy and take you to a website, specifically Digital Marketing.

On this website, we are combining the expertise of the group of individual owner Managers we work with.

  • As a qualified, Computers, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer,
  • I can deliver all the “techy boy” stuff,
  • as a Salesman, I have been “Number 1”,
  • I am centre brain, a mix of left and right brain thinking, so
  • I can, and have done a lot in digital marketing,
  • but my expertise is facilitating these, seeing the desired outcomes and routes and working with top experts in their fields.

So, this website will cover all these areas and combines them into one set of Digital Marketing offers and expertise.
We deliver your message, we  build and dress the “Shop Window”, to help you sell.

I will be adding pages here, showing

  • my work on Live Streaming of events and twitter with EQ Audio.
  • I will add some examples of recent projects on websites and social and
  • I will take you through the process of redesigning an existing tradesman’s business, from the mess online, through a simple rebranding exercise, new website, social media infrastructure and into the campaign to get him business online using shock, horror tactics on social media!!!

So, if you are finished here finding out who I am and what I do, go Digital and email me by clicking on one of the images!!!!

Get online and stay relevant while you are there!

This way to Digital!

The site this link takes you to is under construction, but it will be expanded daily and is not intended to be a complete portfolio right now.

Thanks to for the pictures, I like them, hope you do too.