Robert Moloney, Selling Solutions

Not worn a tie since my Mother's funeral, but I have no objection to them!

Yes, I do smile a lot!

Robert Moloney, Trading as Selling Solutions. I have been selling, marketing and managing since I was in school. But more important recent experience. An engineer by education, a salesman by trade, a businessman by necessity, a lot of great experience that people seem to think is relevant to their businesses. I have been working with the digital side of marketing for a few years now, helping the Owner Manager in and Irish SME, get on the internet, get found on the internet and keeping their message relevant. Social media is a hobby of mine and I have found it a great way of keeping in touch and for evaluating opportunity. I love Facebook, not a mad fan of twitter, but I get it, I use it and I think LinkedIn is an amazing business tool. So, talk to me, where are you now, where do you want to get to, what is stopping you? I can help!