Why is your website not working?

I absolutely loved this article by @razorsocial I have edited out everything but the salient features and added my comments, I hope they don’t mind, or you could just read the full article on https://www.razorsocial.com/website-mistakes/ 1. Doesn’t pass the 5 second test Within the first 5 seconds, can a visitor figure out where they are, […]

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Dublin South FM Community Radio Ireland

Sunshine Factory on DSFM

Digital Marketing, the Doctor of Digital, but why am I taking this approach to getting you more business? Why am I unique in what I do? After all, the outcome should be the same whoever works with you/ But why me? Here is my why!!!! Obviously the pic of me and Ian Epstein on Dublin […]

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capital credit union boardroom

“What’s In It For ME?”

How can this get me more sales? I had the great pleasure of addressing the DLR County Chamber B2B networking meeting this morning on the subject of “Selling in a Digital World”. It is the first time in years that I have done a stand up presentation, I felt awkward! Anyway: digital selling! Digital Selling […]

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you need stuff sold, yo need leads, i do that

What are you not being told?

Rob Money? How do you get more sales? How do you get leads? How do you get found online? By the right people? The right prospects? What’s in it for me you say? But enough about me, here is the update. In the words of a comedian, “It started when I was a child!” I […]

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