“Be Careful what you wish for!!!!”- De Mammy

“Be Careful what you wish for!!!!”- Is what my Mother used to say.  Sometimes life appears to you to have kicked you in the nuts.  You fight against what it throws up for you, what seemed so good goes, however……  Every January, my cousin says, I am grumpy, I am one of the 7 dwarfs left over from Christmas.  This year it was particularly bad, I could not see progress in work, I was suffering incidents of depression, down, grumpy, unhappy and money too tight to mention, as the song goes.

February is often a challenge in business.  Feb 28 is the 9th anniversary of the closing of my IT business.  But at the turn of the month, I made a decision.  NEVER again would I have a month like January, my family don’t deserve that, I don’t deserve that, but I did not know how I washing to do it.  I sought help, I bought a mindset mastery course, on the basis I could give it back at the end of the month before the credit card bill went through. I won’t be looking for my money back!   I threw myself into work.  And I could see the positive stirrings.  Then it happened.  February 20th.  Finally got my co-shareholders and co-directors together to discuss prospects, focus etc.  And I was informed that they were going back freelancing and abandoning the plans I was working on.

I will admit, I was initially angry, then just annoyed, then disappointed and this was all in five minutes!  I went away, a bit numb.  Decided not to say anything until Thought about it.  Finally started yoga a few weeks earlier (part of the plan!) and got home about 8 with my wonderful wife, and by 10pm I noticed something.  I WAS VERY, VERY HAPPY!  Wow, wasn’t expecting that.  Made the announcements Wednesday.  Identified the clients would would be asked for business to help pay the mortgage and Friday morning, jetted off on the red eye, all excited, to Amsterdam for the ACN Convention in Rotterdam.  Stopped off in Amsterdam, not been there since I was 40, walked for miles, then had a brilliant lunch and headed off to Rotterdam for an amazing weekend with ACN and the friends I have made.  Next time?  Barcelona in October, as Regional Vice President!

I have always wanted success with that business, but I have always been distracted and never really worked it properly or consistently.  Well it has all changed hasn’t it?  As the Mammy said:

“Don’t wish your life away and be careful what you wish for!”

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