….. and off we go again!

I have a Solution to help you get more Sales


It is all change on the website front, I am working on a cleaner, leaner site, specific to the concept of providing Selling Solutions for you.

The existing site will become the Blog and is still live at:


I also put up information, primarily sourced on Facebook, to the Facebook page:


I am rather hoping to have the “Rising” of the new site on Easter Monday. For obvious reasons to the Irish amongst you reading this.  and just like the rising, I failed, but a gallant failure.  I am still posting to the blog and the Facebok page.


I want this new site to focus on the three prog approach:

Where are you now?

Where are you trying to get to?

What is stopping you?

Then we develop a plan with you.


Often I fall into the trap of telling the word what I do, rather than focussing on what you need done:



  • How can we help YOU?
    • Typically we are able to help the Owner/Manager of the SME get to Market and keep the running. 
    • Usually, these are people who find the Internet a challenge or realise that they should be doing more.
  • What kind of problems or challenges do you have?
    • The problems we fix are around making more sales, more profit. 
    • At it simplest, we may be just helping people get found on the Internet, but always form the point of view of getting more people to buy!
    • A document is attached with some words about how people have felt dealing with us.
  • We do what we do, because we love to help.   We are competitive and love to win.  Success is striving towards a worthy ideal.  That is why the Owner/Manager suits us, because there is a drive there, maybe for the family, maybe to take on the corporates or just maybe to make a living with a recurring income to build the pension plan, but it is personal!




Contact: Robert Moloney

Phone: 012968952 

Email: info@www.sellingsolutions.ie