6 Steps to get back to business …… or …… Enough is Enough….. Eureka! Do you have a business or just trade your time for money?

Just posted this on LinkedIN:

I have decided to let you in on a journey, the journey back to sanity and “security”! IN case it is something you want or need to do yourself!

On Jan 26, I wrote about

Stagnation, Disappointment, Amazement, Getting started again!


Some say, it was just my usual January many self!  But no, I was like that in December.  This was about saying enough is enough. That I could no longer go on in the same way.  And yes, primarily driven by a lack of money!

Now and again life says, “OK, I’ll stop kicking the shit out of you for a while”! Saturday afternoon was amazing, in a pub, drinking tea, with old friends and newer ones dropping in and an inspirational former colleague and  Sales Director (“Meet the People”!),  passing through.   A wonderful day. Sunday, a nice bit of DubStars GAA in One’s club. Then two meetings this morning to help me move away from all the shite not ofmaking me a living! Stay tuned, exciting times ahead, living a live of passion and not the crap of 2015!-Facebook post

Since that post, I pulled down the shutters on some aspects of what I called a “Business”, a few things aligned to help me focus, half a dozen baby steps in the right direction:

  1. David Kenna gave me a present of a Vision Board development session and that reminded me what I do and do not want, what I will put up with to get it and what is important to me!
  2. In my frustration, I contacted Liz Barron and a couple of other key contest that I respect, because I needed some clarity, to see the wood for the trees ad remind me what was important to me and helped me identify options, Plans A,B and C: Paying the bills, what I want, with whom, for what, when, how, the vision and the “Moonshot”, what if……?
  3. During the wonderful teatime in the pub, I got a text from a friend, asking if I would be interested in the GM/Co-ordinator role in a new children’s charity…. a part time, payable role! Yeah! Right up my street, where I can deliver on the depth of knowledge I have in so many areas and tiring into her passion for the subject!
  4. I visited my cousin, a gifted Acupuncturist, who said “what is going on?” and then asked me to spend the week taking fifteen minutes to breathe/relax/meditate morning and evening, to clear out the noise basically!
  5. I replied to Vincent Byrne‘s (Business consultant, Facilitator, Coach) monthly newsletter  entitled “Momentum is the key” and met him this morning. Another great meeting and the Eureka Moment, that I did not have a business at all, I just continually searched to deliver something for someone at the rate they wanted!

    Vincent Byrne what a business looks like

    A business is a system of Marketing, Sales, Delivery and Finance.

  6. I want to go to a conference in Barcelona at the end of the month and I am disappointed that I may not be able, but then got asked to spend a week in Frankfort on a project with probably my favourite client and best friend!

So, come along the journey if you want, the next step is identifying the who, what, when, how and how much.

You will be getting the free version of what will become the ebook and training course; “How to take a middle age crisis and turn it into a business!”.

As Vincent said, “what you are selling/training on is not different, but you are, your experiences, your mistakes” and I was delighted when he said he had made them too.